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21 October 2009 @ 01:22 pm

Welcome to momenticons , a graphic-sharing (mainly icons and banners) community based on our interests with korean/japanese fandom world (which includes music, dramas, variety show etc). We love making icons and we will try to bring the best that we have, but do note that we are stil amateurs in this area, so do bear with us.

This is an open community, and all are welcomed to join. All posts will be locked after 48 hours, so do join the community! :)

momenticons is run by the two self-proclaimed kpop/jpop obsessed girls, heh :D

Please take note of our 4 simple, but IMPORTANT rules.
  • Do not claim the icons as yours. Do credit with momenticons . We will feel more loved if you do so, thanks! :)
  • Do not hot link.
  • Do not edit or redistribute the icons and make it your own.
  • Comments are loved!
Currently, only the mods are allowed to post in the community. We will open posting access soon.

We will be posting icons from various artists/actors/actresses but ohhhh we have to admit  we will be more biased towards hot chocolate abs and pretty boys (of course you all know who they are hehe) ^_^.

credits to PrinceBoB (:
Thanks for the love!
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